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Successfully navigating the complex crossroads of today’s communications, policy, legal, crisis and media landscape requires experienced, confident counsel and swift and thorough execution. At the The Issues and Crisis Group we specialize in the very things that keep you up at night:  Developing effective messaging, crisis readiness and response, navigating media, incident management and issues that can impede or support your organization’s mission or impact your reputation either positively or negatively.


We specialize in high stakes communications, digging deep to develop meaningful messaging, crisis preparedness and response, reputation management, issues management, litigation support and investigations.  We take a calibrated and measured approach focused specifically on client needs and the situation at hand.  Our extensive experience at the highest levels combined with a lean infrastructure enables us to be effective and nimble while providing real value to clients.  


You always get us, not junior staff. We help you manage your budget appropriately, not bringing on excess staff or tacking on ineffective tactics.  When required, we tap into our network of seasoned, reliable specialists to provide the tactical applications needed to get the job done and extend our geographical reach, and, we always lead the effort.


In short, we are responsible and accountable to you, the client, not to corporate parents, because we have none to answer to and no permanent staff we must keep busy.  Such a hands-on engagement combined with a tiered approach using our broad network as a situation warrants gives our clients the flexibility to prudently manage budgets while ensuring quality service.


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